Over the last few decades, Messmer has been honing the power to mesmerize people with his gaze, and fascinating them by plunging them deep into the depths of their subconscious. The Fascinator gives his subjects extraordinary experiences, on stage or during one of his popular television programs aired in Canada and Europe, using energy transfer, hypnosis, magnetism and a few other techniques of his own.

To date, more than a million people have seen Messmer’s shows, Fascinateur (2007 to 2012) and Intemporel (2012 to present), in Canada and in French-speaking Europe. Throughout the course of his career, he has hypnotized more than 80,000 people during his shows. The man does not possess a gift, but a perfect mastery of this science. He has conquered the mass media and the public, and he meets with success everywhere he goes.

He has numerous television programs to his name with ratings in the millions. Since 2009, Messmer has taken Canadian television by storm. After his program Fascinateur was aired, unveiling his universe to the world, the Fascinator appeared in the series Messmer : Drôlement mystérieux, with large-scale spectacles, all on the popular network TVA. In Europe, he was first introduced on-screen in 2011 when the program Messmer : Plus qu’un hypnotiseur was aired on channel M6. In July 2014, he starred in the first episode in the series Stars sous hypnose, which he co-hosted with popular television presenter Arthur on TF1. The program received impressive ratings, surpassing the 5.1 million mark. In the ensuing months, he continued to fascinate television viewers in the follow-up to this series in Europe, a spinoff of this same program shown in Canada, Messmer fascine les stars (TVA), as well as with his completely new series of a new genre, Les Hyp-Gags™ de Messmer (Z).


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