2011 - 2013

Avec le temps

Various artists

His powerful voice has distinguished him throughout the Francophonie for more than a decade now. Boom Desjardins makes a great return to the sources and presents new original pieces taken from his ninth album titled Avec le temps.

The singer belongs to a select group of Quebec artists who have sold more than 800,000 albums in their career. Boom now takes advantage of his maturity and a certain distance to offer us a great performance. Through his new titles and his greatest successes, Boom succeeds to make us live a unique moment.

Boom Desjardins

Executive producer : Eric Young

Deleguated producers : Bibi Benoit, Nicolas Gougoux

Staging : Boom Desjardins

Texts : Boom Desjardins

Lighting : Vincent Lavoie

Technical direction : Paolo Bizzaro