2007 - 2012


467 Representations - 260 000 Tickets sold

Often funny, sometimes touching, the power that Messmer exerts on his audience is mysterious and fascinating.

On stage, the Fascinator Messmer, master of hypnosis and magnetism, continues his journey and invites you to live extraordinary experiences at the limits of supernatural. Come and discover this mysterious universe with him! A life experience!


Production : Entourage Spectacle

Executive producer : Eric Young

Deleguated producer : Bibi Benoit

Staging : François Flamand, Eric Young

Authors : Messmer, Eric Young, Patrick Bélanger

Scenography : Stéban Sanfaçon

Lighting : Lüz Studio

Video conception : Stéban Sanfaçon

Costumes et accessories : Stéban Sanfaçon