Femme ta gueule

300 000 Tickets sold

The surprising Mariana Mazza invites you to her first one-woman-show, Femme ta gueule!

Mariana talks a lot. People often tell her to shut up… Although she is often told, she has never listened (talk to her family, her neighbors, the convenience store clerk ... all relieved that she is going on tour!). With the energy of a pitbull on Redbull and the fire of a teenager in full puberty, Mariana Mazza gives herself to the public as if there were no tomorrow. And unfortunately, there is one. Femme ta gueule, an intense show for an informed public... 16 years and older, ideally down 88.

« One is not born, but rather becomes, a woman. » - Simone de Beauvoir « I don’t even know yet if I’ve became one, but I want to talk about it... » - Mariana Mazza

Production : Entourage Spectacle

Producer & management : Eric Young

Deleguated producer & management : Bibi Benoit

Associate producer : André Young

Content producer : Marc Gélinas

Sales manager and tour agent: Christian Giguère

Stage director : Christian Viau

Script-edition : Michel Sigouin

Authors : Mariana Mazza, Michel Sigouin, Simon Delisle, Thomas Levac & Odrée Rousseau

Scenography & lighting design : Jean-Marc Saumier

Clothes (outfit) : Flavie Le Chat

Clothes (kimono) : Rosalie Lemay (Cool Koala)