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Messmer le Fascinateur is one of the best references in hypnosis and magnetism around the world. Holding the world record for collective hypnosis and with more than one million tickets sold worldwide, Messmer presents his newest show, Hypersensoriel.

Expert in the art of fascination, Messmer pushes our subconscious’s limits again, this time using our five senses. What are their secrets, their unsuspected powers? Can we multiply them, alter them? What if we had a sixth sense that we didn’t know about? After several years studying the human brain in order to amplify its properties, Messmer invites you this time to stimulate and awaken your senses through astonishing and widely entertaining experiences. Hypersensoriel offers great interactive and euphoric adventures, using technology and virtual reality, while Messmer once again demonstrates the subconscious’s incredible power.

"Each one of our senses has extraordinary powers that we do not know about and that allow us to understand our environment much more precisely than we think." - Messmer

Production : Entourage Spectacle

Executive Producer : Eric Young

Deleguated producer and management: Élodie Lefebvre

Content Producer : Marc Gélinas

Sales Manager and Tour Agent : Christian Giguère