2012 - 2013

Ils se sont aimés

Various artists
44 Representations - 20 000 Tickets sold

Finally presented for the first time in Quebec, Ils se sont aimés is a must-see!

The popular play, co-written by the renowned prolific humorist, french actor and author Pierre Palmade, was a resounding success in France and Europe, with more than 600,000 tickets sold only in Paris. This sketch comedy features a modern couple, Isabelle and Martin, who do not always agree on everything, not always objectively, or in good faith. While the comical, moving and realistic situations are linked, discover the spontaneity, the humor and the elegance of Isabelle, interpreted by the versatile and talented Annie Villeneuve. The proud and somewhat naive Martin, meanwhile, is interpreted by the attaching and experienced comedian Pierre-Alexandre Fortin.

Executive producer and managament : Eric Young

Deleguated producer : Bibi Benoit

Content collaborator : Marc Gélinas

Texts : Muriel Robin et Pierre Palmade

Adaptation : Stéphane E. Roy

Actors : Annie Villeneuve (Sandra Dumaresq), Stéphane E. Roy (Pierre-Alexandre Fortin)

Staging : Sylvie Boucher et Jasmin Roy

Staging assistant : Allain Basque

Set, visual and lighting design : Lüz Studio