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La mémoire du temps


For the past 8 years he seduced France with hundreds of shows and remarkable television performances. The charismatic master of illusions is now back in Quebec with a brand-new show, La mémoire du temps, which will likely be his last big tour after a prolific 35-year career.

This large-scale, colourful production innovates once again by betting on a more poetic magic style combined with new technology, thus giving a unique and interactive experience to the audience. In a captivating and enigmatic atmosphere where the past and the history serves to conjugate the future, Alain Choquette explores, with all the charm and wit that we have known him for, the boundaries of the imaginary through breathtaking numbers. For his last salute, the enigmatic illusionist invites you to fully live in the here and now and promises, once again, to permanently mark memory and time.

La mémoire du temps : combine the future with the present!

Production : Entourage spectacle

Executive producer : Eric Young

Deleguated producer : Élodie Lefebvre

Associate producer : André Young

Stage director : Charles Dauphinais

Authors : Alain Choquette, Ludovic-Alexandre Vidal & Philippe Robert

Magic consultant : Nicolas Gignac

Video Design : Francis Cloutier

Consultant technique: Joel Jean - Colobars Productions

Poem's author : David Goudreault -

Poem's narrator: Normand D'Amour