With over 800,000 tickets sold over the course of his career, Peter MacLeod comes back with a fifth one-man show!

Freedom is omnipresent in his life: on stage, on the radio and even in the sound of his own laughter. But does freedom have its limits? Does it have a price? Is it really possible to make free choices? With his new show, Libre, the popular humorist exposes his vision of freedom, relevant and always hilarious. There is no taboo for Peter, he’ll explore topics such as sex, money and truth... In short, everything that makes the world turn today! Unmistakable in humor, Peter can’t wait to meet up with his audience to laugh freely!

Production : Entourage spectacle

Producer & management : Eric Young

Deleguated producer & management : Bibi Benoit

Associate producer : André Young

Content producer and staging : Marc Gélinas

Script-edition : Louis-Philippe Rivard

Authors : Peter MacLeod, Louis-Philippe Rivard & Marc Gélinas

Lighting design : Guy Laflamme

Vidéo creation : Robert Boulos (Farweb.tv)

Video integration : Michel Antoine Castonguay

Accessory design : Jean-Marc Saumier

Chair design and creation : Productions Yves Nicol

Musical arrangement : Marc-André Roy