Various artists

2 revelations/1 must-see... Mariana Mazza and Virginie Fortin, respectively finalist and winner of the contest En route vers mon premier gala, join forces to present an explosive show!

Meet these two best friends, a comic duo as unlikely as complementary, and enter into their different humorous universes, but equally hilarious! While Virginie presents herself with a serious look, a posed and reflected humor, all spiced up with scathing reflections that come to destabilize us, Mariana arrives like a bomb of energy, intense like no one else, with tons of stories tastefully hilarious. Mazza/Fortin is the future of humor on the same stage and the proof that opposites attract... to the delight of an audience that keeps growing!

Production : Entourage Spectacle

Executive producer : Eric Young

Deleguated producer : Bibi Benoit

Content collaborator : Marc Gélinas

Director : Guy Lévesque

Consultant : Joseph Saint-Gelais

Authors : Mariana Mazza, Virginie Fortin, Michel Sigouin

Script-edition : Michel Sigouin

Scenography and lighting : Jean-Marc Saumier

Composer : Jean-Sébastien Houle