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Nos droits et libertés


Following the recent success of his Corrompu tour, for which he sold more than 125,000 tickets, Guy Nantel is back with a new one-man show, Nos droits et libertés. The number one political and social comedian in Quebec relies once again on bold humour, juggling irony and harsh truth to prompt the audience to think and, most of all, to laugh.

The accuracy and relevance of Nos droits et libertés make it a must-see show that satirically depicts our society’s flaws. In a world where our rights and freedoms are so often subject to interpretation, Nantel could hardly be more on the mark. He reflects on a variety of hot topics, such as religious freedom, politics, sovereignty, the right to the truth from elected officials, immigration, social rights, freedom of speech, gender equality, and the price one must pay to think freely in 2018. Nantel is provocative, calls beliefs into question, and says aloud what many think quietly to themselves. See him at the top of his game, as he expresses himself liberally with his special brand of ironic, mordant humour.

Production : Entourage spectacle

Executive producer : Eric Young

Associate producer: André Young

Deleguated producer : Bibi Benoit

Content collaborator : Marc Gélinas

Author: Guy Nantel

Staging: Guy Nantel

Set, visual and lighting design: Michel Bertrand

Musical arrangements: Time Rideout, FIBIIMedia

Suppliers: Solotech & Location Légaré

Clothes: Finezza, Au nom de l'homme

Photographer: Éric Myre

Graphic designer: Louis Martin, LMG communication graphique