2013 - 2017

Plus gros que nature

495 Representations - 300 000 Tickets sold

Irresistibly endearing and hilarious, P-A Méthot is an incredible storyteller!

Plus gros que nature is his first one-man show. For the occasion, he surrounded himself with his mentors and friends Peter MacLeod and Jean-Michel Anctil in his creative team. In a mix of stand up and improvisation, the humorist is authentic, touching and extremely funny. With his mimics and his beach body, P-A seduces the public and the critic. And it shows: with Plus gros que nature, he did 495 performances and sold more than 300 000 tickets, more than impressive results for a first tour.

P-A Méthot

Production : Entourage Spectacle

Executive producer : Eric Young

Deleguated producer : Bibi Benoit

Content collaborator : Marc Gélinas

Executive producer : Christian Giguère

Staging : Peter MacLeod et Marc Gélinas

Artistic collaborator : Jean-Michel Anctil

Authors : P-A Méthot et Louis-Philippe Rivard

Script-edition : Louis-Philippe Rivard

Scenography : Robert Boulos

Projections : Farweb.tv

Staging assistant : Mylène Isabelle

Lighting : Pierre-David Gravel

Clothes : Denis Caron