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Quelle famille!


François Massicotte, who accumulates more than 30 years of experience in humor, is back on stage with his 7th one-man show: Quelle famille!

With his unique sense of timing, François discusss unifying themes, such as family, couple, parenthood, old age and more, with humor and derision. Through his adventures and lovely stories, this father of five children takes us into the whirlwind of the modern family with his contagious scenic energy!

Quelle famille!, transports us in the crazy swirl of the contemporary life by showing the different forms the family can take today.

Production : Entourage spectacle

Executive producer : Eric Young

Associate producer : André Young

Deleguated producers : Bibi Benoit et Élodie Lefebvre

Content producer : Marc Gélinas

Staging: Marc Gélinas

Authors: François Massicotte, Marc Gélinas & Jean-François Pedneault

Script-editor: Jean-François Pedneault

Lighting designer: Jacques Durocher