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Rien qu’s’une gosse


Dominic Paquet is back with his new one-man-show Rien qu’s’une gosse! While we all live at a frantic pace, Dominic stops, contemplates and notes our quirks to exaggerate them.

He shows his great talent with his unique imagination, his comic metamorphoses and a world of his own. Is Dominic a child? A late teenager? An adult? A complete idiot or a genius?

It doesn’t matter, because his explosive energy, combined with a scenic performance that is out of the ordinary, make Rien qu’s’une gosse a totally hilarious show. With this third one-man show, Paquet make the public laughs to tears with his humor accessible to all. A humorist with overflowing energy that knows how to dilate rats like no one!

Dominic Paquet

Production : Entourage Spectacle

Producer & management : Eric Young

Deleguated producer & management : Bibi Benoit

Sales Manager and Tour Agent : Christian Guigère

Content collaborator : Marc Gélinas

Staging : Réal Béland

Authors : Dominic Paquet, Louis-Philippe Rivard & Dave Roy

Script-edition : Louis-Philippe Rivard & Pierre Fiola

Set, visual and lighting design : Lüz Studio

Staging assistant : Dave Roy

Clothes : M/2 Boutiques, Boucherville