2015 - 2019

Rien qu’s’une gosse

220 000 Tickets sold

Dominic Paquet is back with a brand new show, Rien qu’s’une gosse!

While we all live trying to catch our breath, Dominic stops to contemplate and to detect our flaws in order to better exaggerate them. With his overflowing imagination, his comic metamorphoses and in a world of his own, he easily stands out thanks to his great talent and his legendary facial mimics. Supporting his well-crafted texts, it is often his disarticulated body that expresses, stretches and contracts, in order to personify archetypes of our society that the public enjoys identifying to... or not!

Is he a child? A late teenager? An adult? A complete idiot or a genius? It doesn’t matter because his explosive energy, combined with an out of the ordinary stage performance, make Rien qu’s’une gosse a totally hilarious show. With this third one-man-show, Paquet makes people laugh out loud with his comedy accessible to all. A goof with overflowing energy who knows how to entertain his public like no one!

Dominic Paquet

Production : Entourage Spectacle

Producer & management : Eric Young

Deleguated producer & management : Bibi Benoit

Sales Manager and Tour Agent : Christian Guigère

Content collaborator : Marc Gélinas

Staging : Réal Béland

Authors : Dominic Paquet, Louis-Philippe Rivard & Dave Roy

Script-edition : Louis-Philippe Rivard & Pierre Fiola

Set, visual and lighting design : Lüz Studio

Staging assistant : Dave Roy

Clothes : M/2 Boutiques, Boucherville