Corrompu - DVD

Corrompu - DVD

Politic, finance, conspiracy, collusion, corruption… He denounces, proposes, and questions himself. In this fourth one-man-show, Guy Nantel presents us the whole truth about Quebec society, but he also ask himself many questions: Would he make a good politician? Succumb to corruption? Does he have skeletons in his closet?

As frank as the laughter he provokes, find Guy Nantel at the top of his form. Admitted as the political and social humorist of his generation, he reveals himself unexpectedly with Corrompu. Guy Nantel once again delivers intelligent, committed and hilarious content!

Author : Guy Nantel

Executive producer : Eric Young

Deleguated producer : Bibi Benoit

Content collaborator : Marc Gélinas

Staging : Guy Nantel et Stéphane Fortin

Scenography and lighting design : Lüz Studio

Director : Luc Sirois

Graphic design : LMG Communication graphique