Elga nerveu rencontre - TVA

Elga nerveu rencontre - TVA

Through the character of Elga Nerveu, a painfully awkward host, comedian Dominic Paquet conducted a series of eight over-the-top interviews during the 2010 Just for Laughs Festival. Because of his intense shyness, Elga sat back-to-back with the guests on wooden toilet bowls. Jean-François Mercier, Louis Morissette, Peter MacLeod, François Morency, Mike Ward, Cathy Gauthier, Sylvain Larocque and Stéphane Fallu all got in on the madness. The “Elga Nerveu rencontre” segments were aired on TVA as part of Juste pour rire en direct.

Duration : 8 x 3 minutes

Director: Bernard Nadeau

Presenter : Dominic Paquet

Distribution : Louis Morissette, Jean-François Mercier, Cathy Gauthier, Stéphane Fallu, François Morency, Sylvain Larocque, Mike Ward et Peter MacLeod

Producer : Eric Young

Distributor : TVA