Hyp-Gags™ with Messmer - Z

Hyp-Gags™ with Messmer - Z

The** HYP-GAGS WITH MESSMER** is a new, trendy, sensational and energetic comedy/variety series featuring street hypnosis, mind control and fascination. The adventures are as hilarious as they are wild and outrageous.

Produced by Entourage Television, the series features Messmer, a globe-trotting superhero/hypnotist/magnetism master who takes people on the street and plunges them into a state of hypnosis and astonishment to lead hilarious and mysterious adventures. This new versatile gag series reveals a new approach in the world of hidden cameras. Presented in short non-verbal clips, each clip is accompanied by a lively and evocative soundtrack and pictograms, always along the lines of the hypnotic suggestions. Some particularities will be added for each country, either through narration, comments, etc.

Whether you believe in hypnosis or not, MESSMER’S television appearances guarantee top ratings, in Canada as well as in France. His variety show STARS UNDER HYPNOSIS (France) has consistently been followed by more than five million viewers, and each episode of MESSMER FASCINATES THE STARS and the MESSMER EXPERIENCE (Canada) draws an average of one million viewers. The numbers speak for themselves!

Now, the HYP-GAGS bring MESSMER’S mysterious universe to a worldwide audience. An instant sensation with audiences and critics alike, the HYP-GAGS WITH MESSMER ™ ranks among the top shows on Canada’s BELL MEDIA network since it premiered in 2014. . Les Hyp-Gags™ with Messmer is a must-see series!

Production : Entourage Télévision

Contact : Kristina Bernard
T. 514 766-9993 #234
C. kristina@groupe-entourage.com