MacLeod: 20 ans d'humour - V and DVD

MacLeod: 20 ans d'humour - V and DVD

To celebrate 20 years in the business—and 700,000 tickets sold over the course of his career— MacLeod serves up an uproarious evening in the company of his friends.

Produced by Entourage Télévision and hosted by Virginie Coossa, this event brings together a bevy of special guests for the chance to pay homage to one of Quebec’s most popular comedians. Anick Lemay, Josée Boudreault, Jonas, Dominic Paquet, Ben & Jarrod, Boom Desjardins (accompanied by Eric Maheu from Kain), Jean-Claude Gélinas, Brigitte Boisjoli and several others pay tribute to the great artist with performances or testimonials. Les Grandes Gueules and Michel Barrette also take part in the evening by video. Even Canadian super-middleweight champion David Lemieux drops by to present Peter with a belt commemorating his twenty years in the biz—a thrilling moment in itself.

With uncut excerpts of some of the best moments of his career, wicked humour and edgy rock, this event captures the veteran comic to a tee.

Duration : 60 min.

Director : Luc Sirois

Presenter : Virginie Coossa

Distribution : Peter MacLeod, Anick Lemay, Josée Boudreault, Jonas, Dominic Paquet, Ben et Jarrod, Boom Desjardins, Eric Maheu, Stéphane Bélanger, Jean-Claude Gélinas, Brigitte Boisjoli

Staging : Marc Gélinas

Authors : Neslon Harvey, Jean-Claude Gélinas

Technical director : Sylvain Tessier

Executive producer : Eric Young

Producer : Bibi Benoit

Distribution : V