MacLeod Live à Laval - TVA and DVD

MacLeod Live à Laval - TVA and DVD

After Moscow, New York and Tokyo… MacLeod “Live” à Laval! In this two-hour special, comedian Peter MacLeod brings us his latest show, which was performed at the Salle André-Mathieu on September 14, 2010. Backed by an impressive and inspired stage direction, MacLeod pushes the boundaries of his abrasive, explosive and politically incorrect humour. He throws in our face a cocktail of jokes that cover youth, reasonable accommodations, technology, metrosexuals and the “ideal” woman. The comedian who has sold 700,000 tickets over the course of his career proves yet again that he can be both endearing and a total riot.

Type : Humor

Duration : 100 min. - 2x 45 min. - 90 min.

Director : Luc Sirois

Presenter : Peter MacLeod

Producer : Eric Young

Distributor : Indigo, Illico, TVA