Messmer fascine les stars - TVA

Messmer fascine les stars - TVA

Messmer fascine les stars features the fascinator Messmer, master of hypnosis, magnetism and energy transfer. The show takes place on a large scale, with Gino Chouinard and Messmer to the animation. The two hosts receive a panel composed of personalities who experienced hypnosis, their accomplices, and people trapped through different numbers. On set, guests are invited to watch their prerecorded adventure, to discuss it with each other, and to experience collective numbers on the spot, in front of the public. Messmer fascine les stars is a modern, dynamic and very comical concept that knows how to charm the audience!

Episode 1
Guests : Sylvie Boucher, Charles Lafortune, Michel Charrette, René Gagnon, Patricia Paquin, Émily Bégin, Réal Béland, Isabelle Racicot, Ima et Debbie Lynch-White.
Diffusion : December 1st, 2014
Audience ratings : 1,1 million

Episode 2
Guests : José Gaudet, Julie Bélanger, Annie-Soleil Proteau, Dominic Paquet, Annie Brocoli, Vanessa Pilon, Marie-Christine Proulx, Jean-Michel Anctil
Diffusion : September 7, 2015
Audience ratings : 1 million

Episode 3
Guests : Michel Barrette, Peter MacLeod, Olivier Barrette, Dominic Paquet, Mylène St-Sauveur, Jasmin Roy, Denis Bouchard, Lynda Johnson, Sébastien Dubé (Denis Drolet), Renee Wilkin, Kevin Bazinet.
Diffusion : September 25, 2016
Audience ratings : 1,3 million

Episode 4
Guests : Mario Tessier, Josée Lavigueur, Patrice Coquereau, Normand D'Amour, P-A Méthot, Hugo Giroux, Catherine Brunet, Alex Perron, Jean Pascal
Diffusion : December 11, 2016
Audience ratings : 1,2 million

Production : Entourage Télévision
Distributor : TVA
Executive producer : Eric Young
Deleguated producer : Bibi Benoît
Content producer : Marc Gélinas

Fascinator : Messmer
Host : Gino Chouinard
Director : Luc Sirois
Authors : Marc Gélinas et Eric Young
Creators : Marc Gélinas et Eric Young