Paquet voit le jour - TVA and DVD

Paquet voit le jour - TVA and DVD

In a glamorous setting recalling Broadway, Dominic Paquet presents his second one-man-show, a very physical show, embodying more than forty characters on stage. He mastered perfectly mimics, voice changes and vocal prowess. This show was also a favorite among the public, while the tour ended with more than 60,000 tickets sold. Dominic Paquet is without a doubt the new sensation of humor in Quebec!

Author : Dominic Paquet

Script-editor : Pierre Fiola

Music : Yanick Boivin, Guy St-Onge

Staging : Michel Courtemanche

Scenography and lighting design : Lüz Studio

Director : Luc Sirois

Graphic design : LMG Communication

Deleguated producer : Nicolas Gougoux

Executive producer : Eric Young