The Party Country - TVA

The Party Country - TVA

After its 80s themed party with more than 15,000 spectators at the Bell Center and the Videotron Center, PA Méthot now invites the public to a new, unique event: The Party Country - Once Upon a Time at the Bell Center.

This large-scale variety show promises a rich, humorous and musical program. On stage: 80% humor, 20% music and 100% country. P-A Méthot promises to cowboys and cowgirls a festive evening where music and humor will be one under the colorful theme of country.

Guests: Guylaine Tanguay, Stef Carse, Robby Johnson, Québécissime, Paul Daraîche, Peter MacLeod, Michel Barrette, Dominic Paquet, François Massicotte and Martin Vachon.

P-A Méthot

Distributor : TVA

Host: P-A Méthot

Executive producer: Eric Young

Producer: Philippe Lapointe

Deleguated producer: France Racine

Director: Yves Lefebvre

Content producer: Marc Gélinas

Technical directors: Serge Lacasse & Paolo Bizzarro

Production manager: Geneviève Delisle