Entourage Television proudly welcomes Nathalie Brigitte Bustos
Eric Antoine is proud to present « Ze » Best Of
Alain Choquette presents a brand new show!
A first show for Mets-y le Paquet!
50 000 tickets sold for Nos droits et libertés!
Magic with the stars is coming to TVA!
P-A Méthot - Party 90
Mariana Mazza wins  the Olivier de l'année 2017!
A second episode for L'expérience Messmer
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Innovative producers and agency specialized in humor and variety, with an average of more than 600 shows a year.

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Television & Distribution

Ideation, development, production and distribution of entertainment programs in all its forms.

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Artistic direction and authentic project production with original, catchy and emotional tones.

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Entourage has a lot of experience in promoting, spreading and managing the careers of extraordinary artists.

Events & Festivals

For an exceptional event… Entrust us with the production!

Planning an event? Entourage has what you need, from hosting to pulling off the best comedy show around for your parties, festivals or corporate events.