A Brand New TV Show!
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A Brand New TV Show!

Entourage Television, in partnership with Quebecor Contenu, is pleased to announce a brand new original format set for TVA's 2020 winter grid. In this new variety show anchored by Pascal Morrissette, we will be searching for Quebec's cutest pet!

Every week, we will meet extraordinary animals of all species with their master. They will have the opportunity to charm the public in the studio and at home through their history, their charisma, their intelligence and their skills, At the end of the season, only one of these star animals will be elected by the public: QUEBEC'S FAVORITE PET!

"Animals have the tremendous power to make us feel all kinds of emotions. The biggest challenge our teams faced was to transmit those emotions through a unique and exportable entertainment format. Seeing how the world goes right now, we say that an hour of pet therapy a week can only be good for us "says Pierre Taschereau, Director of Development - Varieties, Brands and Content, Quebecor Contenu

"We are very proud to see this new, original format going forward, which is the result of several months of development work, in collaboration with Quebecor Contenu's team, and with the important support of Fonds Québecor. The format of this variety show is also intended for the international market, since we know that this type of concept is really popular right now, "say Eric Young, President and Executive Producer, and Vivianne Morin, Executive Director and Executive Producer of Entourage Television.

Pascal Morrissette With his natural and friendly personality and an innate sense of retort, Pascal Morrissette quickly conquered a generation of viewers. He has been nominated twice at Gala Artis. TVA viewers were able to discover him as very versatile chronicler at Juste pour rire en direct, Salut Bonjour Week-end as weel as Coulisses du Gala Artis and Sucré Salé.

If you believe that your pet has the capacity to be Quebec's favorite pet, stay tuned. The recruitment period and all the information will be communicated to you very soon!

A weekly appointment of one hour not to be missed next winter on TVA!